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GO FUND ME Port Lincoln Richards Women Protecting Country

It is time for women to stand together - STAND UP, SHOW UP, SPEAK UP!

On behalf of our women elders, we have been asked to seek your help...

Donate via GoFundMe Link

The local Port Lincoln Community, know us as The Port Lincoln Richards Family. We are the local women of this country, and this is our story....We are descendants of our Nauo-Barngarla grandmother and have an ongoing connection to this country through our parents and grandparents. Our women have forever looked after these lands and waters and fought to stop developments that could destroy our scared sites within the Port Lincoln National Park and surrounding areas. We are forever grateful to have the support of the our local community members.

We have followed due process and have been let down, to protect our heritage rights and interests as women, to defend this women's country and sacred women sites.

We urgently need your support to fund our lawyer to represent us at federal court to ensure our rights and interests are heard and acknowledged, but most importantly for us to protect our sacred sights and women's country as a whole.

This country needs our women voices to be heard, and to enable other women to join us, we need to hold an urgent cultural women's gathering on the country asap; however, we need your support to fund it, funds will cover camping facility fee, travellers fuel of women coming from different communities, drinks and food; in attendance will be about 30+ women.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated, with our women's rights at the forefront of protecting this sacred women's country with a united voice. If you are a port lincoln, tulka, sleaford, whalers way resident, care about our beautiful country, islands and waters, is a strong female advocate, have media and campaigning experience, who would like to volunteer to be part of our team, contact us, as we need your support.

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