Your Gabalidi Garngoo Association Inc

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Change of Name

Gabalidi Garngoo Association Inc name was officially changed from Kuranya Family Association Inc January 2017.

Most Recent Authorised Official AGM held 14.1.2020

Majority of the membership groups participated in the AGM and appointed the following board memebers:

Evelyn Walker - Chairperson & Public Officer

Elizabeth Richards - Deputy Chair

Renee Richards - Treasurer

Lisa Pickett - Secretary 

Tina Richards

Kevin Richards

David (Digby) Richards

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Stained House

119 & 122 Pobke Road Tenancy Guidelines

We already have tenancy guidelines and procedures. It is the tenants responsibility to maintain their yards. Original fencing boundaries around dwellings are not to be removed or changed. If tenants have dogs they must be secure within your yard, must be registered and if any injuries are caused by your Dog to other tenants, neighbours, visitors or share farmer stock the incident will be reported to the police and district council.

Share Farming Agreement Conditions

The group of sheds/structures on the property that has a white circle around them in the picture to the right, is part of the Share Farming Agreement and is to only be used by the share farmer for the term of the lease.

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